Best Pizza in Fenway

  • Crazy Dough

    With $5 pitches and 5 minute walk from Fenway Park, Crazy Dough serves up the classically traditional thin crust pizza, with a rich, flavorful sauce. Toppings are plentiful, fresh and delicious.

  • Upper Crust

    Perfect place if you need to grab a quick slice and a beer before the game. Nothing overly fancy about this place. Just quality thin crust pizza with very generous slices.

  • Canestaro

    An intimate atmosphere with authentic Italian service and outdoor seating. There are tons of pizza options, all fresh and flavorful. A great choice for a relaxing summer afternoon.

  • Cambridge 1.

    Creative, high quality flatbread pizza bearing no resemblance to the fast-food or corner pizza shop. Cambridge 1. serves up high end pizza with a clean and laid back atmosphere.

  • Woody's Grill and Tap

    The quintessential neighborhood pizza joint with homemade ingredients cooked in a brick oven. Signiture pizzas with a wide variety of toppings this is great food in a simple, unpretentious place. In this editors opinion the best pizza in all of Boston.